I MADE HAREM PANTS AND SURE THEY’RE NOT THAT GREAT IN PICTURES, BUT THEY’RE AMAZING IN REAL LIFE!! I am so proud, and even my family was impressed (that’s saying a lot)

These blue floral harem pants were a triple XL from Goodwill, so here are the instructions

1) Take in the waist making sure the drawstring is in the middle of your waist. It doesn’t have to be even on each side how much you take in as long as the middle is underneath your belly button.

2) Measure where you want the crotch to be. Because these are flowy pants, I would assume about 3-5 inches under your normal crotch area is where you want them to hang. We don’t want the pants to have a super large awkward area there. Sew it in there.

3) After that, roughly draw lines down the legs where you think it would be fine for the pants to go. The line should be parallel to the original pants line. Then let it curve when you get down to the ankle. 

4) When you’re measuring the ankle area, put the widest part of your foot in there (the heel  to right below your ankle) This is due to the fact that if you don’t have elastic to squeeze your foot through there, it needs to be big enough for your foot to get in. 

^ There. 

5) Do that for both feet, then sew.

6) If you find the crotch is bunching weird, cut it, until you get to YOUR seam that you sewed, and cut it about an inch before there. 

7) Take in the outside sides if necessary (I didn’t, but I think I may)

8) Cut off any extra strings. 

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